Performances, demonstrations, entertainment, food and more 

Family Rohin Seal and Ritesh Seal

Family McGrew Crew: Keely ,Jason, Sebastian

Individual Angela Honeycutt

Group Riya Singh, Sangita Singh, Alina Bedrosian,Maria Bedrosian, Anna Singh, Margarita Singh

Individual Elida Aguayo

Family Malathi Krishnan and Sahana Thothadri

Family The Isonguyo’s (Abigail, Gabriel)

Family Aidan, Austin, Ashton, Tiff, Marc

Business Lonza (Pharma and BioTech Company)

Family Scheibel: Vivian Scheibel (adult) and Alex Scheibel

Family Stephens Family Adult and two kids ages 12

Individual Volunteering with NHS

Individual Nelly Avalos

Individual Razan Aljuboury

Family Iyeshea, Makenzie

Family The Isonguyo’s (Abigail, Gabriel)

Business H-E-B

Family Fiona Ren Daniel Ren Angela Ren Xiaowei Ren Ren Sophia Shi

Organization, Crosspoint Church Abby Arnold Crosspoint Team

Individual Ashley Duran

Individual Sunil Nagendrappa

Business Tutor Doctor Pearland- Smita, Jignesh, Ria, Pari, Rashmi

Family Alex Lemuz Ericka Lemuz Emma Lemuz Nicholas Lemuz

Group 3 Amigos

Individual Victoria Jones

Organization AYLUS Pearland, high school students

Family Padmini, Sri Muthu

Family Hortencia, Eduardo,Mateo, Rodriguez,Ignacio,Florida

Individual Sumedha Shanker,Saatwik Shanker

Organization The Connect Church Group

Organization, Crosspoint Church Abby Arnold and Crosspoint Team

Group Girl Scout Troop 142195. Jessica Shafer, Jade Shafer, Cara Zamora, Evelyn Zamora, Kaelyn Anderson, Allison Anderson, Logan Anderson, Ryan Anderson, Christina Moss, Chelsea Moss, Julie Thyne, Kristina Chavez, Addy Veneklase

Individual Isis Craig

Business Community First ER - Tess Hammock; Jennifer Almaguer; Sophia Choate; Indigo Choate

Organization - Pearland Silverlake Lions Lindsey Hoffman Steven Hoffman Evan Hoffman Rebecca Hay Melaine Sweeney Terri Gorby Wayne Gorby

Individual Galilea Dupree

Family Cornell Watts II, Cobi Watts

Individual Samrah Beraki

Non profits, community, causes

Cleanup Crews - Corporate

5th Annual Pearland Clean and Green -  Title Sponsor

Cleanup Crews - Families, Clubs, Organizations, Individuals (Signed up on the website)


  • Annual community clean up workshop and recycling
  • Residents gather at the event location and pick up maps and cleaning gear 
  • Every group (family/school/scout/business/organization/friends) is assigned a location to clean up.
  • Free onsite document shredding
  • Free Electronic recycling
  • Fun activity - Recycling workshop for kids
  • ​Sponsor booths and giveaways
  • Residents showcase their talent  with music, dance and other interactive activity
  • ​Food and refreshments
  • ​Rewards and certificates for kids who clean up

Great Sponsorship opportunities - with amazing benefits

Sign up to Volunteer at the event site - setup, tear down, help organizing litter pickup groups, helping with document and electronic recycling and more ...

Greater Businesses of Pearland

FREE non profit Business Chamber supporting the community

in and around Pearland, Texas since 2016 - no membership fees

GB Healthcare Network

One of our core focus is Healthcare. Pearland has a huge Healthcare presence and a big part of our efforts is to support the healthcare community read more

GB Ambassadors


Our Ambassador program is unique and designed to give opportunities to individuals who want to serve and promote goodwill in the community  read more

The GB Team 

GB Team comprises of active community members who step up to support the effort through sheer volunteerism and good samaritanism  read more

Showcase your talent - sign up to perform skits, dances, songs on the stage or demonstrate an art or provide entertainment

Bronze Sponsors

Individuals, families, friends,packs, troups, neighbors, students, schools, colleges, organizations, businesses.....

5th Annual  Pearland Clean and Green

City wide Cleanup and Recycling event

Saturday, April 24th, 2021 from 7:00 am to 11:00 am

​Pearland Town Center - 11200 Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77584

Pearland Clean and Green 2021

Enjoy our Photos/videos Promos from the previous years - check out our Clean and Green Page for more videos

Contact us - if you want to get involved in other ways or want to talk to us

Signup Links

GB Kid Preneurs

GB KidPreneurs is our amazing effort in which we encourage kids to be creative, do community service, hard work, think out of the box, embrace, leadership and more .... read more

          GB Outreach​​ 

GB Outreach is the core of our efforts to support local business and our community through networking, building relationships, opportunities, workshops, volunteeringread more

Silver Sponsors