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GB Kid Preneurs

GB KidPreneurs is our amazing effort in which we encourage kids to be creative, do community service, hard work, think out of the box, embrace, leadership and more .... read more

GB Healthcare Network

One of our core focus is Healthcare. Pearland has a huge Healthcare presence and a big part of our efforts is to support the healthcare community read more

GB Ambassadors


Our Ambassador program is unique and designed to give opportunities to individuals who want to serve and promote goodwill in the community  read more

The GB Team 

GB Team comprises of active community members who step up to support the effort through sheer volunteerism and good samaritanism  read more

          GB Outreach​​ 

GB Outreach is the core of our efforts to support local business and our community through networking, building relationships, opportunities, workshops, volunteeringread more

Festival of Colors - Pearland Holi Extravaganza

Festival of Colors - Holi

Chandrakanth Vemula - Greater Businesses of Pearland

Kajal Desai - Doonya Bolllywood Workout

Shruti Bekal (EMCEE) - Mrs India USA 2020

Parmita Mondol Modi - Yuva Bollywood Dance and fitness

Purvi Shah - Realtor Purvi Shah

Divyendu Singh - Agent with New York Life

Karthik Datta - Karthik Datta Photography

Rose Hong Klein - Southeast Hypnosis

Trinity Klein - Greater Businesses of Pearland

Bincy Jacob - Bincy Jacob realty

Faian Aksari - Smart Core Labs

Ankita Choudari - Pearland Desi Gals

Devi Sagar - Pearland Desi Gals

Mita Gupta - Pearland Desi Gals

Santosh Santhu - Greater Businesses of Pearland

Nicole Bowen - Pearland Town Center

Achalesh Amar - SEWA International

Kristy Sue - Greater Businesses of Pearland

Malathi Krishnan - Pearland Desi Gals

Anju Ray - Pearland Desi Gals

Rashmi Singh - Pearland Desi Gals

Leena Bhasin - Law Offices of Leena Bhasin

Justin Padilla - Pearland Lifestyle Magazine

Punit Shah - Sky MRI

Rasika Borse - Yuva Bollywood

Holi is a popular festival ​​​​​also known as festival of love or festival of colors or festival of spring

It originated and is predominantly celebrated in India and Nepal but has also spread to other regions of Asia and parts of the Western world through the diaspora from the Indian subcontinent

Known as "World's craziest festival" Holi is very popular widely celebrated in major cities in the United States and Canada. 

Greater Businesses of Pearland is proud to partner with Pearland Desi Gals - an amazing group of Pearland ladies to bring to Pearland a day filled with colors, love, fun, food, festivities and more .... organized completely by local Pearland residents

Event Organizing Committee

Non stop high energy fun - Color play (washable colors)  DJ and music - dance along - workout with emceesgames - emcee fun - stage performances by local talent - food - shopping - interactive fun - vendors - sponsor booths - unlimited fun for entire family - interact with our amazing community - 12 pm to 5 pm, Saturday, April 2nd 2022, Pearland Town Center, ample parking space available