GB Kid Preneurs

GB KidPreneurs is our amazing effort in which we encourage kids to be creative, do community service, hard work, think out of the box, embrace, leadership and more .... read more

GB Healthcare Network

One of our core focus is Healthcare. Pearland has a huge Healthcare presence and a big part of our efforts is to support the healthcare community read more

GB Ambassadors


Our Ambassador program is unique and designed to give opportunities to individuals who want to serve and promote goodwill in the community  read more

The GB Team 

GB Team comprises of active community members who step up to support the effort through sheer volunteerism and good samaritanism  read more

          GB Outreach​​ 

GB Outreach is the core of our efforts to support local business and our community through networking, building relationships, opportunities, workshops, volunteeringread more

Sharon Sunny has been a long time resident of Pearland. She is into nursing. She is doing her residency RN-BSN at MD Anderson Cancer Center She joined Greater Businesses of Pearland's team in 2019 as she is inspired by its community outreach and activities. She joined the wobble before you gobble committee in 2019 and has been helping with logistics. She like to spend her time doing community work and likes to interact with people and learn new things. Sharon handles our "Kid  Pruneurs" initiatives and brings in a lot of energy and leadership. She known to silently work behind the scenes and get the stuff done

Desiree Sauceman is widely known in Pearland for her active participation in the community. Desiree works as a community marketing director with Silvercreek Dental. Desiree volunteered at the clean and green and wobble before you gobble and became a team favorite. In 2020 she became an Ambassador. Desiree helps with our after hour mixers and also on our Advocacy, Clean and Green and wobble before you Gobble committees and brings in great leadership and high energy to the team. Desiree also serves on the Board for "Adult Reading Center" in Pearland.

Our Ambassadors Team

GB Ambassadors initiative was launched in 2020. As a pilot project, we have combined our Ambassador program with our Apprentice program. 

Debbie Arnett ​has been with "Greater Businesses of Pearland" for a very long time and is well known in the community for her outstanding community work. A realtor by profession with RE/MAX TOP Realty , Debbie loves fulfilling her client's dreams with buying and selling houses for them. She has earned a great reputation from her clients for giving her best. Debbie became an Ambassador in 2020 because she sees GB as a great organization that truly serves the community. Debbie is involved in many of our initiatives - Our mixers, clean and green and wobble before you gobble and is always there when needed.

Our Ambassador program is for those who want to serve and also enhance their leadership skills, we are unique and different from other programs

- Our Ambassadors DO NOT make any financial investment in the organization towards their apparel or gear

- Our Ambassadors give just 5 to 10 hours in a month depending on our events and activities. The rest of the time is their time for their job/business/family/other things.

- Our Ambassadors are very active in the community and work as a team to support the community. 

- Our Ambassadors are incentivized in several ways through recognition, leadership, organizational recognition, business promotion, Annual financial shared bonus incentive based on their efforts, work, service and funding.  

Terri Wadley along with her husband James Wadley ​is the owner of Grappling Zone - Pearland - a local small business that teaches self defense and Juijitsu. Terri has supported Greater Businesses of Pearland for several years and has actively participated in various events and helped with planning our events. In 2020 Terri became an Ambassador and is excited to serve the organization. Terri brings a lot of expertise in small business promotion and she is involved with all our mixers, kid preneurs, our clean and green and wobble before you Gobble. 

GB Ambassadors

- Promote Goodwill in the community selflessly

- Organize events and workshops

- Promote citizenship

- Serve as apprentices as they enhance their leadership skills

- Support business growth and contribute to the health of the economy

- Promote diversity, support minorities, 

- Promote culture

- Support our kids and youth programs 

Rose Hong Klein ​is a renowned hypnotist in the area. She owns Southeast Hypnosis Center and helps people with weight loss, smoking and several other issues and has great reviews from her clients. She is a very passionate woman business leader and supporter of the community. She very actively involved in several organizations and is always finding ways to give back to the community. She joined our Ambassador team in 2020 and helps with outreach , engagement, social media and small business spotlight initiatives. She is also actively involved in in our clean and green and wobble before you gobble committees. 

Greater Businesses of Pearland

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